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Title Full time Nanny/ Housekeeper Fernhurst, West Sussex
Start Date: 24/01/22
Location: Fernhurst West Sussex
Salary: £30,000
Job Information:

A Nanny / housekeeper is required for a family with two children B2 and  B4.5. A third boy is due in mid February 2022, but primary care of the newborn is not part of the role, as the mother will be on maternity leave until mid September 2022.

The role will be primarily sole charge (however both parents work from home so are always around), working 45 hours per week over 5 days, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. A driver is essential, and they have one dog (a very well behaved cocker spaniel).

There is a live in option, self-contained accommodation, including a bedroom and en-suite in an annex (attached to the main house) with access to both a separate living room and kitchen to the family.

The oldest child is at school (in Reception) 5 days a week and finishes at 3.20pm. He is a bright, energetic, talkative, full of character and stamina(!) little boy. He loves being outdoors, running around, and building dens. His favourite toys are construction toys, but he also enjoys arts and crafts, and is very fond of baking!

His little brother is also full of personality; he is soft and gentle, and very happy to play by himself as long as he has company. He enjoys music and anything his big brother chooses to involve him in! He is at nursery a couple of mornings a week, but requires picking up at lunchtime to be brought home for his lunch and then his nap.

Both boys absolutely love their food. It is also very important to us as a family, and they try to eat as many meals together as possible. Since a young age the boys have eaten the same as us, and it is something Dad feels very passionately about.

They are a very active/outdoors type family. At the house, they have a large back garden and treehouse / play area for the boys as well as 10 acres of paddocks, and an indoor swimming pool, and so would hope that anyone joining them also enjoys being outdoors, playing in the woods, and hopefully some swimming!

Haslemere and the surrounding area has lots to do (child friendly places to visit / playgroups / soft play), and surrounding the immediate house there are lots of walks and woods.

The family have numerous friends with children of the same age (also with nannies) just down the road. The youngest currently goes to various classes on a weekday morning including forest school, toddler gymnastics, and monkey music, and both boys enjoy trips out and play dates.

As the oldest will be at school 5 days a week, the main nanny role will be to look after the youngest. The youngest still sleeps for a couple of hours at lunch time, so during his nap times and whilst he is at nursery, the family are looking for someone to carry out a housekeeping role.

Duties would includeensuring that the home is kept organised, clean and tidy, keeping on top of the laundry, ironing and changing the beds, cooking (especially a hot meal for the boys for their dinner time), running any errands, and doing the school runs.

The family describe themselves as a laid back family and are looking for someone to become an integral part of it.

The family are offering 28 days holiday plus an additional 5 days over the Christmas period. This position can be temporary until Mum returns to work after maternity leave in Sept 2022, or if someone is looking for a long-term position, the family are happy to have you stay on after September and look after the baby too.



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