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Local Nanny agency in Midhurst, West Sussex

Little Laura's Babysitting Service

Below are the costs and fees for Little Laura's Nanny Agency babysitting service.


Fees Description Cost
Quarterly fee or £10
Yearly fee (Saving £5) £35
Cost per booking £6
Cost per booking starting before 6pm £10
Cost per booking (less than 24hrs notice) £10
Hourly babysitting rate (min of 3hrs booking) £12

The fees above only apply to our babysitting service. Little Laura's offer a wide range of other services click here to find out more.

All babysitters are either qualified or have experience in looking after children and have a DBS. A thorough interviewing process and follow-up ensure that parents will be comfortable leaving their child in the capable hands of the babysitter, to enjoy a well deserved break.

If Little Laura's has placed a babysitter for the night and a cancellation is made then the booking fee is still charged. If less than 4 hours notice has been given for a cancellation then £20 is also paid to them as a gesture of goodwill.

Every booking must go through Anna at Little Laura's.

Please Note:

If you are calling from a Hotel then please call Anna as the rates are different.

If you are calling to book a babysitter for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or Valentines Day then please call Anna as these fees are subject to change.

Anyone requiring a nanny before 6pm also should call Anna as this is not classed as babysitting and rates are different.

Find out all of the services that Little Laura's Nanny Agency has to offer. We offer nannies, baby-sitting, wedding help and more.


Want to be a Little Laura's Nanny or be a babysitter. All you need to know about applying.


To Book a nanny or babysitter call us, click on the link below to find our number.