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Nanny Agency Services

Little Laura's nanny agency is here to help parents find qualified, experienced trustworthy nannies.

Nanny Service

A nanny looks after the children in their own home, providing the children with familiarity of their own home and routine whilst giving them individual care. The nanny generally is ‘sole charge’ whilst both parents are working, nannies are also happy to work alongside the parents too though.

A nanny can be required to do all nursery duties for the children; from washing their clothes, cleaning their bedrooms to preparing nutritional food.

Nannies can either be live in or live out dependant on the requirements of the family.

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Mothers' Help Service

A mother’s help can also be live in or live out. The difference between a nanny and a mother’s help is that the mother’s help is not as experienced to be left sole charge with the children all day.

The mother’s help work alongside the mother caring for the children, they are also responsible for ‘nursery duties’ too and can be required to do light housework i.e load and unload the dishwasher, help with the families laundry, they could also be needed to do the family shop. They would not be employed as the cleaner.


For the cost of our mothers help service please call or contact us.


Little Laura's Temporary Aid

Little Laura’s helps out numerous families with temporary aid, be it for an afternoon/ whole day or a couple of weeks, whichever is required. The Nanny would come into the home and take over the role of the parents for the period that they are required. They would be mature enough to be left sole charge for a long period of time also.


For the cost of our temporary aid service please call or contact us.


After School Care

After School care is where a family employ either a nanny or a mother’s help to collect their children from school, they would be required to care for the children until the parents arrived home, or if needed to work alongside the mother. The nanny would cook the children dinner, help with homework and if needed make sure they were ready for bed.


For the cost of our after school care service please call or contact us.


Maternity Nurses

Little Laura’s provides maternity nurses on either a full-time basis where the maternity nurse comes to live in with the family for 5-6 days a week caring for the baby. They would help and support the parents in the first few weeks or months. The maternity nurse shall help the parents to get the baby into a routine with sleeping and feeding, along with all the general advice that comes with a new baby.

Little Laura’s also supplies maternity nurses on a part-time basis too, whether the parents require a daily or night time maternity nurse for roughly 10 hours a booking.


For the cost of our maternity nurse service please call or contact us.



Little Laura’s has been placing baby-sitters for over 5 years now. All baby-sitters are well known to Little Laura’s. They are generally a nanny prepared to work extra hours in the evening, parents themselves or grandparents. Little Laura’s aims to supply the same baby-sitters to the parents every time. Please see our baby-sitting page for more information.


View the cost and fees page to find out the cost of a Little Laura's baby-sitters.


Wedding Service

Little Laura's has been providing nannies and crèches at weddings for many years, everyone's requirements are different, from people needing a nanny to care for their child at the local hotel where they are staying or, several nannies needed in a room where the reception is being held. Little Laura’s provide toys/ activities for the wedding crèches however the families are more than welcome to supply their own activities too.

For more information please read our wedding page or please call or contact us.

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